Habemus Altare
A person who thus sincerely offers his devotions according to the Liturgy of the Church, may be satisfied that he is worshiping God “with the spirit and with the understanding also.” The more frequently and seriously he joins in the service, the more will he be impressed with this exquisite beauties, which tend at once to gratify his taste and to quicken his devotion. That continual change of language in prayer which some persons appear to consider as essential to spiritual devotion, it would be impossible to attain, even were every minister left to his own discretion in public worship. The same expressions would necessarily recur frequently in his prayers. They would soon sink into a form destitute of that propriety and dignity of sentiment and language, of that variety, that simplicity, and affecting fervor which characterize the Liturgy of the Church.
John Henry Hobart, A Companion for the Book of Common Prayer (1805)
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