Habemus Altare
Manifesto for Anglo-Catholic Socialism (Rowan Williams and others, ca. 1974)

We are committed to the struggle of justice, liberty and peace, not because of some secondary interest in social theory, but because of the very foundation of the Catholic Faith. We believe that man is made in the image of the Triune God, and is therefore social; that in Christ he is restored to his full capacity for social being. We believe that man is called to share the life of the Holy Trinity, the life and love of communion. We cannot, therefore, feign neutrality, or remain uncritical, in the face of a society based upon the ruthless pursuit of private gain and unlimited consumption. The institutionalised egotism of all forms of capitalism, including the Soviet collectivised form, must be challenged by Catholic Christians, if we are to remain faithful to the whole Gospel of Christ.

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