Habemus Altare

Since 2004, [the Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests] has prodded the LCWR to openly address the topic of abuse and cover up by nuns, an issue which commonly takes a backseat to abuse by priests, remaining dangerously in the shadows. More and more, SNAP is hearing from men and women who were molested - as innocent kids and vulnerable adults - by nuns. Yet nun officials have done little, if anything, to determine just how widespread such crimes and cover ups are or take effective steps to protect the vulnerable or heal the wounded…

Victims of nuns have repeatedly asked the LCWR to take several tangible, proven steps to better safeguard those at risk of abuse and respond more compassionately to those who have been abused. The nuns have never responded affirmatively to these requests, which have been made prior to virtually every LCWR annual conference over the past eight years.

In April of this year, the Vatican announced that they were instituting a “reform effort” for the LCWR, in an effort to bring the group in line with traditional Vatican views on issues such as birth control and women’s ordination. SNAP wants the Vatican to include in its investigation the widespread abuse of children by nuns, the response to these abuses by women’s religious orders, and to take the bare minimum step of bringing LCWR in line with the Dallas Charter.

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