Habemus Altare
In the Transfiguration, we are dealing with exceptional prayer. The Spirit of the Lord is upon Jesus. As at his baptism, he must enter into a solemn moment of his return to the Father. The Transfiguration is a pinnacle of his existence, yet it is much more a point of departure. Jesus enters thus into the mystery of his ‘exodus’, as St Luke says in reference to the conversation between the Saviour and Moses and Elijah. The Paschal Mystery is already beginning and is played out in light, just as in Gethsemane it will be played out in darkness. Jesus is at the summit of a new Horeb, flooded by the Spirit; he is in the process of concluding the new alliance which will soon be sealed in his blood. The light in which he is bathed reveals his full right of access to the Father. It inaugurates already his entrance into glory.
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