Habemus Altare

The ordination service for Aaron and his sons ends with a meal. After they are anointed, invested with priestly robes, daubed with blood, after they sacrifice, they sit down to feast for the first time in the tent of meeting. Having been made holy, they can eat holy food.

The Lord’s table too is a table is a table for priests. And we are those priests, consecrated by baptism, so that we can come to this table. As many liturgies put it, here our Father offers “holy things for the holy people.”

It’s significant that, like the ordination ritual, our worship ends with a meal. That’s a sign that our worship service is an ordination, or re-ordination rite. Every week, we gather to be reconstituted and reconsecrated as the priestly people of God. We are cleansed; we are instructed; we eat; and we are sent out.

Each week God redeploys our bodies as instruments of His righteousness. You use holy hands to eat this holy bread; use them this week to share bread with the hungry. You taste Christ; this week, use your mouth to speak the Christ you eat to the lost. Wine makes your heart glad; spread that joy.

These are holy things for the holy people, to renew us in holiness, so that God’s Name might be hallowed and His will done on earth as in heaven.

Peter Leithart, “Eucharistic meditation
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