Habemus Altare

A specialist of the New Testament who devotes his career to what amounts to a crusade against the acceptance of homosexuality as a behavior in Church and society, Assistant Professor Gagnon has long stirred a fuss, on the internet, the airs of conservative radios and television networks, or behind the pulpit of Presbyterian churches, promoting his 2001 study The Bible and Homosexual Practice. Texts and Hermeneutics as the final word on that topic. He is still relentless in rebuking each and every progressive view which appears in the United States, though he no longer favors academic venues (journals, monographs, etc), unlike his fellow scholars who have no sympathy for his conclusions and have declared as much in their footnotes. His research was never subjected to an in-depth consideration ; more than ten years after, time seems ripe for the files to be reopened, his presentation of the evidence checked and revised, its weak points assessed and, if feasible in a short compass, the flaws in his results removed. Moreover, several objections of no mean value which never crossed his mind should be raised…

If key data are found faulty or the arguments invalid, then The Bible and Homosexual Practice will likely only rank as a witness to the cultural anger targeting ‘liberals’, feminists and GBLT people as the sources of the supposed degeneracy of the United States in matters moral and sexual, and to the moral panic of right-wingers over changing sexual behavior.

Jean-Fabrice Nardelli, PhD in “Robert Gagnon’s The Bible and Homosexual Practice Ten Years After: A Non-Theological Response" (Surprise ending: Gagnon’s data are found faulty.)
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