Habemus Altare
In the contemporary world, in which we are all at the mercy of global economic forces, distant decisions and the seductive glare of the market, our primary task as the Church is surely to awaken people to their own creative capacity, for in so doing we shall quite naturally awaken also the religious sense. Part of our problem in presenting the Faith is that our world deadens desire, and many people do not know that they are missing anything. The market orchestrates and channels desire in very limited directions, turning the transcendent into the commodity set so artfully in the shop-window or ‘placed’ by designer label showing in the Hollywood film. It is a desire always based around lack: once the object is achieved, the desire is only momentarily fulfilled. In theological terms it lacks immanence, and there is no participation. In contrast, the religious sense does not just awaken a desire for the transcendent God, it gives us the world itself.
Alison Milbank in “Apologetics and the Imagination”, published in Imaginative Apologetics (pg. 35-6) 
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