Habemus Altare
For Luke, the major Jewish Christian leaders were distinguished by their zeal for the whole law. He also acknowledges that there were those, like Stephen, who were perhaps less committed to the temple and its sacrifices and who were pivotal figures in the original opening toward the Gentiles… For [Luke], the earliest Christian church was composed of Jews who were personally committed to the Torah in all respects, including its purity requirements - people who, like Peter, had never eaten anything common and unclean and, like Paul, practiced their people’s faith with great strictness. Only the insistence of the Spirit could lead such people to break the ultimate boundary of purity and accept unclean Gentiles into their community. Yet they did so, under the conviction that any other course of action would violate the fundamental reality of God’s grace.
L. William Countryman in Dirt, Greed & Sex: Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and their Implications for Today (pg. 77)