Habemus Altare

As Christians we believe in marriage. We see it as a calling, a school for character, a source of blessing. Our catechism tells us it is a sacramental rite, and as such, it is a means of grace. Every sacramental rite has proper matter, minister, form, and intention. I believe we could also agree that sacraments are administered by Christians. As I have reflected on this issue, Jesus’ words in the Gospels “Let your yes be yes and your no be no,” and the words from the Revelation to John, “because you are neither hot nor cold I spit you out,” have run through my head. With these words in mind, I ask the question, “If in Christ there is neither male nor female could it not be that the proper matter for marriage is simply two human beings?”

So here is what I am proposing—the rejection of blessings and the affirmation of Christian marriage.

The Rt. Rev. Steven Andrew Miller in “Yes to Bless or Christian Marriage for All?" (Read the full article.)
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