Habemus Altare
This weekend’s news that Title IV “complaints” have been lodged against nine bishops brings together two matters that have long concerned ACI. The first is the polity of The Episcopal Church. For several years ACI has advocated the same understanding of TEC governance as the accused bishops. Indeed, the three ACI clergy submitted the same affidavits as did the bishops in Quincy and signed the same amicus brief as did the bishops in Texas. In addition, since Title IV was revised three years ago, ACI has been in the forefront of those arguing that the revised title is unconstitutional, unwise and unworkable. The sequence of events of the last few days leaves little doubt that these two issues of polity and Title IV were coordinated to coincide with the General Convention that begins this week. It is clear that the Title IV process is being used as a means to enforce a uniformity of thinking on polity that was inconceivable a generation ago. Less clear is whether differences of opinion over polity will be used as an excuse to preserve Title IV overreaches from corrective amendment.
The Reverend Canon Professor Christopher Seitz
, the Reverend Dr. Philip Turner
, the Reverend Dr. Ephraim Radner
, and Mark McCall, Esq in “The Quincy Three, The Fort Worth Seven And Title IV: What Now?