Habemus Altare

When I saw that ACNA had issued reports, I expected to see some impressive numbers. After all, at first glance they seem to have a clearer identity and mission. In many cases, they are free of the shackles of buildings ill-suited to 21st century church. But they have not shown much real growth or vitality. Perhaps that’s they’re still filled with too much anger and a fragile sense of self-confidence. If they are going to grow, they need to lose the anger and the persistent schism, and develop a Gospel-based message that is about hope, not fear and division.

And, of course, if the Episcopal Church is going to grow, we’ll need to develop a Gospel-based message of discipleship and life, rather than a watered-down message of “I’m OK, you’re OK.” We’ll need to be ready to make changes, and see our institutional history as a gift, not as the prescription for our future.

The Rev. Scott Gunn in “ACNA By the Numbers
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