Habemus Altare

In a more Biblically-literate and historically-acute nation, it would not be necessary to disown Jeremiah Wright. It would be possible for us to hear him and his message not as anti-American and hate-filled, but as prophetic. His voice and others like his are calling America to be just and moral and aware that while it holds great power, America is not God.

The Rev. Wright became infamous for those angry sermons in which he called America to task for its moral failures—for its treatment of Native Americans and African Americans, for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War Two, for all the myriad ways in which America—despite its self-identification as a Christian nation—has been decidedly unchristian in its approach to peace, justice, and economic equity.

I am here today to testify that Jeremiah Wright was often both offensive and—theologically, biblically, doctrinally—right.

Greg Garrett in “What if Jeremiah Wright is Right?
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